The Owens Family

Jamaica Reunion Florida Reunion Pauline's Tribute

Our Last Reunion

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Our Florida Reunion

This video shows some of what happened at the last Owens Family Reunion which was held in Miami Beach, Florida in 2001. Many family members met relatives for the very first time. The reunion was an awesome experience and a good time was enjoyed by all.

The next Owens Family Reunion is being planned for Thanksgiving weekend 2008 in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The itinerary for this gathering will include a day trip to what was once the Owens Family Farm in Richmond Green in St. Mary. This venue is about two hours away from Ocho Rios. The visit to Richmond Green will be like a pilgrimage to our past, to the place where the original nine siblings were born and grew up. This is necessary because it is a part of our history. For some of us it will be a home-coming, for others, the place that we heard about all our lives will finally be a reality. I look forward to this event with great excitement and joy.

Pauline's Video Tribute

This video chronicles the life of PAULINE GODDEN. It reveals some of her journey after she came to live and work in the United states. It shows some of the people she touched and was touched by in her lifetime. It celebrates her vitality, her spirit, her joy of living and loving.

This is the PAULINE GODDEN we know and cherish.